XPUS “Sanctus Dominus Deusa Sabaoth”

“Sanctus Dominus Deusa Sabaoth”
(Another Side)

Battle Helm Rating

With an album title like that this can’t be anything but satanic death metal or black metal. I will be greatly disappointed if this turns out to be something completely different. Because right now I could do with a cool Deicide blast or why not a Morbid Angel or an early Bathory. And this is more in the Bathory school of very basic and to the point black metal. You will not get anything symphonic or grandeur from this band. This is down’n’dirty black metal that makes me think “… The Return” more than anything else, but turned up like a thousand notchs. This is brutal and basic and bloody nasty but sooooo fucking cool. Anders Ekdahl

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