XUL “Malignance”

I have a hard time pronouncing any band name that starts with an X. I don’t know if I’m alone in that or if other people have the same kind of problem. Not that it matters in the real world. They could have been called anything, even something totally unpronounceable as long as the music is good. And that is what we are about to find out. I love death metal that takes no prisoners. He more the blast the better it is. XUL might not be that brutal but they are brutal enough for me to like this. Sure I like melodeath too but there is nothing like being blown away by a really cool death metal blast. Call me a death metal twister hunter if you like but you can’t beat the feeling of having your hair waving from the sheer power of the music coming from the speakers. This to me is what death metal is all about. Anders Ekdahl

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