Y.O.C. “Metal Warrior – part 2”

“Metal Warrior – part 2”
You don’t get too many metal releases with Turkey as the origin. But Y.O.C.’s been at it for some years now releasing self-financed CDs with both originals as well as covers. “Metal Warrior – part II” is the follow up to 2007s “Metal Warrior – part I”. 7 covers by bands like Flotsam & Jetsam, Metallica and Iron Maiden make up this new release. I have a love/hate relationship with covers. In most cases you can’t surpass the original and you just end up with some second rate attempt. But, and this is a big but, it’s fun seeing bands trying their damnedest to succeed. I would have liked a new Y.O.C. CD filled with originals but as that isn’t in the stars I have to settle for this. On the plus side is the choice of songs to cover; it’s not the usual ones. I’m at a split with this one. Should I recommend it or should I tell you to stay away. I guess I’ll go for the first and tell you to check this out if you have the chance. Anders Ekdahl

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