YALYA “Nihaihayat”

Turkish black metal. From what I understand there is a growing metal scene in Turkey even though it is small. But truly devoted it seems. YALYA has that whole B/W aesthetic going for them on this release. The one made so famous by Darkthrone and Burzum in the 90s. And carried on by Xasthur and a handful more bands. If the music matches the aesthetic this could be one of the highlights of black metal in 2013 even though it is still early on. Don’t know about highlight of the year but this is black metal that follows pretty close on to the likes of (early) Darkthrone, Burzum and Xasthur. With almost no means YALYA manages to create a netherworld feeling of entering the 7 levels of Purgatory as described by Dante Alighieri. You gotta love being taken on a dark journey to fully appreciate this inferno of a record. Anders Ekdahl

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