“Maggot EP”
This one I gotta listen to before I even start to have an opinion. Looking at the cover and reading the band name doesn’t resonate anything in me. So I have to give it a spin before I even start thinking about what to write about this release. I have no idea what it is like to live in Australia, away from the big cities, out in the bush. I assume it is a lonely life. YANOMAMO has that loner feel to their doom. The one were despair is your closest friend and destitute seem to be knocking at your door. This is bleak in all the meaning of the word. There is also a chaotic Fudge Tunnel kinda air to this that only adds to whole atmosphere of there being no future to look forward to. Not the happy go lucky emotions you might associate Australia with when you read the brochures. Much more Mad Max on low speed against the inevitable than anything remotely happy. Doomsday is coming soon, take heed because YANOMAMO is the soundtrack to it. Anders Ekdahl

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