Year Of The Goat – “Novis Orbis Terrarum Ordinis”

Year Of The Goat – “Novis Orbis Terrarum Ordinis” (Napalm Records)
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Man, could there be a more laid back band…? Right from the off when I heard their mesmerising cover of Sam Gopal’s ‘Dark Lord’ in 2014, I knew this Swedish band were onto something, and going places…in their own time. Crucially blending 60s occult rock with classic 70s hard rock, Year Of The Goat have not only recreated those sounds authentically, but have added their own finesse  to make their music a statement in its own right. While not cravers of press limelight nor touring road dogs, there is no denying the fine craftsmanship inherent in their work, making it an absolute pleasure to listen to this gem of an album. Led by Thomas Sabbathi’s groovy vocals and richly backed by no less than a triple guitar sound complemented by Pope’s graceful mellotron organ, “Novis Orbis Terrarum Ordinis” – the band’s 3rd release – simply basks in its radiating brilliance across 9 incredible songs ranging from 3 minute tracks to epic 14 minute wonders. And what makes the experience even more astounding is that while there are moments of wildness and certainly darkness throughout, it all flows superbly in a seamless continuum that will hold you captivated throughout, and uncertainly not unmoved. From the contrasting church organ to Daniel Melo’s hard drumming on ‘Avaritia’, the rippling melodic bliss of the guitars accompanied by hard rocking riffs build the momentum for the laid back chorus led by Sabbathi singing ‘…you better run, better run now…while you think you can..’ pursued by the demonic guitars spewing forth even more possessive licks and boundless breaks. Increasing the tempo and heaviness, ‘Superbia’ certainly lives up to its name (as indeed do all the tracks) with its pounding drums and wild wailing guitars preparing the way from a crunching hard rock groove that rollercoasts dramatically while Sabbathi remains as cool as a cucumber throughout – wow! Thickly wading in with tons of wah, ‘Gula’ may be slower in its groove, but its spiritual power is undeniable with the guitars constantly breaking left and right, building to the chorus climax line of ‘…put a knife to your throat…’ despite, amazingly, maintaining its laid back composure throughout this unforgettable experience. Man, it’s just too beautiful to express…
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