Year Of The Goat – “The Unspeakable”


Year Of The Goat – “The Unspeakable” (Napalm Records)

Quite possibly one of Sweden’s best underground bands, the dark beauty inherent in Year Of The Goat’s music is once again celebrated exquisitely on this second full length album. Inspired by the vintage rock of the late 60s and occult doom of the 70s, expect heaps of Hammond infusions, boundlessly breathtaking guitar work and elegant melodies to excess that come together superbly on deep, heartfelt songs brought to fruition by Thomas Sabbathi’s soulfully spiritual vocals. With a liberal use of ethereal hippy harmonies to add even more measure to their passion, songs like ‘Vermin’, ‘World Of Wonders’ and epic closer ‘Riders Of Vultures’ go well beyond seemingly trivial labels like ‘retro’ or ‘tribute’. In truth Year Of The Goat’s masterful compositions are majestic conjurings in themselves, taking on hypnotic potential and reaching well beyond one’s immediate senses into the very subconsciousness. If you have never experienced Year Of The Goat before then I strongly urge you to check out this amazing album as these guys are something very cool, very cool indeed…..

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