(Orchestrated Misery)
Yellowtooth… The very word doesn’t not bring with it any positive pictures, does it? I think of dirty old men in the south of USA sitting on their porches smoking and drinking moonshine, spilling their guts on the good ol’ time. Yellowtooth does not sound like a metal band that you’d like to hear. But as they say, never judge the dog by its hairs. This could in fact be the next best thing to sliced bread if you just give it a chance. This is doom, sludge, slow death or call it what you like. It moves with the speed of a drunk tortoise. Crawling slowly forward this is the kind of metal that requires you fullest attention or you’ll end up running past it leaving it slithering on its own. This is the kind of Eye Hate God/Crowbar sludge that could replace any kind of rock’n’roll tobacco you could think of. No need to smoke when you can get stoned on this. Anders Ekdahl

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