“Blue Lightning”

Battle Helm Rating

Apart from the debut album and some 80s albums I haven’t really been keeping track of YMGWIE MALMSTEEN’s record works. I did buy some albums in the 90s and forward but I haven’t paid them much attention since then. So when he’s releasing an album of cover I am not actually doing cart wheels in my living room. On this album he’s exploring his bluesy influencers along with some other artists that has meant a thing or two to him. So you get stuff from artist like Jimi Hendrix, Deep Purple and Beatles among others. I find it hard to listen to a cover unless it brings something to it that the original lacks. With Malmsteen you get his guitar wizardry. If that is good or bad is up the listener to judge. I have my opinion clear. I prefer the originals. Simply because I got an relation to most of the tracks on this album. But I gotta hand it to him because in some tracks he has managed to bring something new to the songs. Like “Foxey Lady” and “Purple Haze”. Somehow he seems to have Hendrix down to a toe. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” is a title that should fit him like a glove and he does a decent enough job in that one too. As a cover album this one is okay. Anders Ekdahl

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