YoungBlood – “No Retreat”

YoungBlood – “No Retreat” (Eonian Records)

OMG. Depending on whether late 80s hard / glam rock a la Slaughter, Warrant or Extreme was yer thang, YoungBlood will undoubtedly bring back all those memories – good or otherwise lol! This isn’t actually a new band but an original group who formed in the Midwest and initially recorded the 16 songs on this album back in 1989! I don’t know what happened after that but the band folded and it has taken the best part of thirteen years for them to be formally released. Truly astonishing and also tragic given the quality of the material n musicianship which is up there with the best of those 80s bands. Songs like ‘Heat Of The Passion’, ‘My One And Only’ and ‘Get Down To It’ take us back to the days of air punching rock anthems, acoustic ballads, get-the-funk-out party groovers and most of all – heaps of hairspray! Vocalist Bobby Sisk is one of these pretty boy rockers with a barnet that would put a lion to shame and with such high vocals you wonder if he got kicked in the nuts, but a champion crooner he certainly is, along with the stadium shakin’ guitars of Jeff Diehl and Eric Saylors. “No Retreat” was a treasure waiting to be discovered and what’s even more awesome is that YoungBlood still have another 29 unreleased tracks held in reserve!

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