“Ordinary Lives”
I used to worship at the altar of My Dying Bride. For a long time I couldn’t get enough of them. I played their records constantly. But then all of a sudden I missed out on a couple of albums and my obsession with them waned off. I still to this day buy everything with them that I can find and I still love their music but I’m much more controlled in my love for them. I don’t think I’ll ever feel like that for Italian Your Tomorrow Alone but if they are 50-75% of what My Dying Bride/Paradise Lost/Anathema where when they shook my world in the 90s then I’ll be in for a grand voyage. This is more along the lines of what Anathema has developed into but still with that massive metal aura. More progressive than doom’n’gloom. There is a melancholic feel to this that speaks to me on a whole lot of levels. I cannot get enough of music that is this sad and emotional. Gotta love to be sad. Anders Ekdahl

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