Zandelle – “Shadows Of The Past”

“Shadows Of The Past”
2CD (Pure Steel Records)

Zandelle formed in the mid 90s and play ‘true’ metal – which is no mean feat if you’re from the NYC area! Essentially combining US and Euro metal as well as early power and melodic elements they offer a full range whether its on power rockers like ‘Bringer Of Doom’, a heavier cover of Whitesnake’s ‘Bad Boys’ or an excellent slow power ballad in ‘Angel’, which reminded me a lot of Manowar (perhaps unsurprising given they are also from the same area). “Shadows Of The Past” is in fact a compilation album with re-recorded tracks from their ’96 EP and “Shadows Of Reality” album in ’98. Additionally they offer 2 brand new songs, ‘Unleashed’, originally recorded for the 2006 release “Vengeance Rising” album, but never released before, and ‘Scream My Name’. If that wasn’t enough then CD2 contains all the original ’96 and ’98 versions, that all in all add up to the bumper Zandelle package!

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