ZAUM “Divination”


Battle Helm Rating

ZAUM’s two previous albums where released by Swedish I Hate. For this, the third they have changed labels to French Listenable. Musically this is still the same. Or is it. I have heard the previous two but as with Opeth I don’t really remember any songs, just the feel of it. And the previous two have all been about doom and gloom. Long songs and a low tempo. But they have also been bloody marvelous. This one is no different. Three tracks that clock it at 20:30, 09:15 and 14:23. If you though that Cathedral’s first album was slow then you haven’t heard this. It is not as slow as funeral doom but it isn’t far from it. This is for the real doom aficionados, like me. Another really cool album. Anders Ekdahl

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