ZED DESTRUCTIVE ”Corroded By Darkness”

”Corroded By Darkness”
(Grimm Distribution)

Battle Helm Rating

The Israeli scene is interesting in many different aspects. If you like me is standing on the outside looking in life might seem very one-dimensional in Israel. Never having visited I have no clue what every-day life is like. I don’t think that ZED DESTRUCTIVE will give me any clearer insight in that matter but I do hope that they’ll provide me with a nice musical experience. It might just be me that is a bit damaged but I want my death metal to be either brutal as hell or melodic as fuck. The one in between must be pretty good to catch my attention. This is pretty good stuff but I don’t really feel that it grabs me by the balls the way I want it to. Perhaps this is one of those records that will grow with time. Anders Ekdahl

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