Zeke – “Hellbender”

Zeke – “Hellbender” (Relapse Records) 

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OMG – what are these guys on?! I’m mean, there’s thrash, punk and goddamn, Zeke!! Fuelled by all things fast from dragsters and speedway to even more racy wimmin, Zeke play extremely intense punk metal rock n roll hill billy workin’ man style that any blue collar mosher will go nuts over. Formed in 1992 by guitarist / vocalist Blind Marky Felchtone and original bassist Kurt Colfelt (Holy Terror main man), Zeke have been terrorising the towns over the years, but with their recent nuclear line up completed by Kyle Whitefoot (Axe Ripper, The Hookers) and local Seattle drummer Dayne Porras, there’s been a resurgence of Zeke fever resulting in this album – their first in 14 years!!! And it’s easy to see why, with Motorhead now gone, it’s left to bands like Zeke to carry on their brand of irresistible fast n loose punk metal rock n roll, played by dudes who don’t just talk rock n roll, but actually live it, if not embody it. From Felchtone’s machine gun vocal delivery to the searing guitars that career wildly over and into you, there is no let up in the pace – or the rapid fire hooks and catches that hit home to keep you transfixed to the intensity. It’s all over songs like ‘Cougar Rock’ with its hard stomping and rhyming beats along with kick ass Fast Eddie Clarke rock n roll guitar, the full metal jacket of ‘AR-15′ unleashed or the under a minute bustin’ out of ‘County Jail’ along with 12 other poisonous tracks that will leave you spinning in the dust like you’ve been f–ked and reborn in a blaze of rock n roll fire – hell yeah, it’s all in the aptly named “Hellbender”!!!   

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