ZEPHYRA “Kämpaglöd”

Another Swedish act that I had no idea existed before I got sent the latest 6 track record. I try to make it my mission to know about every Swedish band out there but I fail miserably time after time. So much that I soon will give up trying and just admit that there are too many Swedish bands to keep up with them. When I hear growling I get a death metal feeling. When it is a female doing the growling I often get an Arch Enemy feeling but with ZEPHYRA it is more of a thrash metal sound. This wasn’t as immediate as I would have liked. I wouldn’t have minded if this had hit me in the face like a right hook. Now that it didn’t do that I have to re-caliber my sensors and take it for what it is. There is a melodic angle to this that combined with the rather moderate tempo make me think of bands like Hearse. Anders Ekdahl

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