Zero Theorem – “The Killing I”

Zero Theorem – “The Killing I” EP (Shim Sham LLC Records)
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Hot off their performance at 70,000 Tons Of Metal are Zero Theorem, a fast rising LA nu-metal band whose debut EP “Ataraxis” has already delivered 2 charting singles on the BDS. Teaming up again with respected producer Kane Churko (Ozzy Osbourne, Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach, Hellyeah) comes their follow up EP, “The Killing I”, which is in fact a the first of a two part installment with five hard but catchy songs blending nu-metal with a ‘..dark science fiction aesthetic..’! With a top level sound thanks to Churko’s magic, the material is on par with the aforementioned groups along with other bands like Disturbed in having a cool mixture of groovy beats, raw aggression and slick sci-fi electronica which although somewhat formulaic, still allows Zero Theorem to evolve as they find their feet. As the dancing electro grooves on ‘You’ hit along with vocalist Caesar’s soul, the passionate chorus turns your head and warms your heart – that is until the scratching, dark beats and raw screamo shred it utterly on this powerful contrasting song! Likewise, elements of System Of Down spring to mind on ‘Threat’ with its heavy, bending riffs, hammering beats and epic, drawn out singing from Caesar while the overall groove that is both soothing while providing intense moments really attests to Zero Theorem’s performance as well as composing – very slickly done indeed. Clearly bringing in the darkness is the title track ‘The Killing’ with its dirty brooding riffs, creepy synth melodies and Caesar’s almost trippy vocals sharply contrasted by powerful, passionate highs as well as some background screamo – excellent. Definitely plenty of potential here and an already strong ethic of aiming for the top, I can’t wait to hear more from Zero Theorem!
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