ZEVIOUS “Lowlands”

(Nefarious Industries)

Battle Helm Rating

A coup0le of years back I did a bunch of interviews with bands associated with Nefarious Industries. It was an eclectic bunch of bands to say the least. But they all had in common the freedom of expression, the need to get their message out to the people. Now I am revisiting the old stomping grounds with ZEVIOUS. I am not a great fan of jazz. I honestly don’t get it. But I can appreciate the musicianship. I feel the same way listening to ZEVIOUS. Not that they are a jazz band even though they have the influences. I might not get their musical vision, but I appreciate the musicianship. This is really progressive and floating in a way that makes me sit back and try to take it all in. This is a journey that I have not been on before. But I do like most of the ride. Anders Ekdahl

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