ZOMBIE INC “Homo Gusticus”

”Homo Gusticus”
So anybody remember Pungent Stench? They were one of my first death metal experiences that weren’t Swedish or American. I can’t say that I realized their greatness until after it all was over but an album like “Been Caught Buttering” is still one hell of a cool album. This is not the new Pungent Stench even if it features members of that band. But it is death metal. No doubt about that. And it is old school death metal. To the point death metal that you can groove to. Not the fastest or the heaviest death metal that you’ll find but oh so good death metal. Did I mention that this is old school death metal (without being old school)? I liked Pungent Stench and I like this new effort too. There is something very enthusiastic about this album. Anders Ekdahl

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