ZOMBIFIED “Carnage Slaughter And Death”

“Carnage Slaughter And Death”
(Cyclone Empire)
Swedish death metal. Need I say more? This is another great example of why Swedish death metal is the greatest thing since denim pants. This is heavy and dirty and murky and so great that I don’t know what to do. No matter where I turn I seem to run into a great death metal album the Swedish way. I can’t seem to get enough of old Nihilist/Autopsy/Entombed death metal. With all these great new bands that carry on the legacy I have no time to take out my old Autopsy albums to listen to them. Not that I need t o re-live old memories. With so many great new death metal acts out there today I can easily create new memories. If you like your death metal on the crustier side then this will be for you. Anders Ekdahl

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