ZONARIA “Arrival Of The Red Sun”

“Arrival Of The Red Sun”
If you don’t have a Swedish, Norwegian or Finnish band on your rooster you are not a serious metal label. Or so it seems anyway. It is hard to imagine that any label should be without a Nordic band. That seems like a sure way to die a quick death. Zonaria is another of these bands that I’ve read about but haven’t checked out. I can’t say that I have any greater expectations on this album. I basically just hope that it won’t disappoint me terribly. For some reason I always think of Luciferion when I see Zonaria’s name. Don’t know why. But now that I have heard the music I must have had a subconscious connection because this is technical death metal the same way as I remember Luciferion to be technical. Think of a cross between latter day Death and Atheist mixed with a big dose of atmosphere and you get “Arrival Of the Red Sun”. Anders Ekdahl

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