ZXY – “Evolvalution”


Whoa, space rock lives! Heavy duty hippy madness albeit with no flowers in your hair but that last particle of acid exploding in your head, ZXY is the trio created by non other than Witchfynde’s ex bassist Andro Coulton! No occult props needed here though, this is dark early 70s madness, bass driven by Coulton’s fuzz toned octave bass, fuzz toned guitar by Shaz and the faithful Dr Rhythm on drums. All produced in Andro’s Sharandor studios, with absolutely no samples, Pro Tools etc, this is how bands like Sabbath, Hawkwind and the Pink Fairies cranked out their demented classics amidst their smog haze and LSD madness – so it’s easy to see why Geezer Butler ranks as one of ZXY’s supporters cos maaan, this is deep LOL! Vocally, Andro’s style is fairly straight (unlike Ozzy’s demented wailing) and it works cos tracks like ‘Mystic Magic – Priestess Of Hell’, ‘White Noise’ and ‘Dark Dreams’ have that true English 70s sound that not even Iommi & co produce today. Coming to a galaxy near you in time for the next nova….
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