Phlebotomized – “Immense Intense Suspense & Skycontact”

Phlebotomized Immense Intense Suspense & Skycontact (Hammerheart) Older folks will remember the early experimental death metal albums of the 1990s by bands like The Gathering, Pan.Thy.Monium, Paradise Lost, Cemetary, Sentenced, etc. These two remastered re-issues by Hammerheart of Dutch experimentalists Phlebotomized belong right along in the list with those. Listening to each brought me right back to the 1990s. Both releases “Immense Intense Suspense” (1994)  “Skycontact” (1997) having a foundation in death metal yet having the inclination to seek out influences from progressive and varied elements. Both releases are enjoyable albums which you’ll need to play a few times to begin… Continue reading