BLACK CORONA “The Mission”

“The Mission”
(Art Gates Records)

Battle Helm Rating

You can usually tell what a band is influenced by from the T-shirts they wear in the pics. Judging from the promo shot of BLACK CORONA I should expect a mix of In Flames, Insomnium and Lambs. In short a combo of melodeath, melancholia and noisy black metal. Listening to this I don’t get those kinds of vibes. In my ears this leans more towards metalcore. As I listen to this I don’t know if I like it or just tolerate it. If my aversion towards modern metalcore hinders me from enjoying this to its fullest. I chose to opt for the “I like it” option. Not the stuff I listen to everyday of the week but every now and then, like when I review this album, I can listen to it. This is heavy with that screamy hardcore kinda vocals you often find mixed with clean vocals. Add to that the chugga chugga guitars and you get an album full of heavy anger driven metal. Anders Ekdahl

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