Blitzkrieg – “Time Of Changes – 30th Anniversary Edition”


Blitzkrieg – “Time Of Changes – 30th Anniversary Edition” (Metal Nation Records)

If you’re wondering what got a youthful Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield all fired up to form Metallica, then look no further than the likes of Blitzkrieg!! Fronted by the legendary Brian Ross (Satan, Avenger, Lone Wolf), one of the most in demand vocalists at the time, the ‘krieg recorded this cult album back in 1985, although it was never available outside of the UK, hence its much sought after status. Over 3 decades there have been various cash in CD releases, some official and some not so, while the possibility of a repressing has long been lost in legal wrangles. However, with fan demand even higher than before thanks to the band’s popularity in True Metal circles and a growing fan base in South America, Ross and the new Blitzkrieg have done the right thing and just re-recorded the whole bloody thing once and for all! From the searing Metallica covered ‘Blitzkrieg’ with its abrasive yet catchy punk metal riffing to the Misfits meets metal ‘Inferno’ these tracks still sound true and are now brought back to life thanks to the new band and today’s sound technology! From Ross’s own timeless air raid siren vocals to the fast n heavy twin guitars of long time buddy Ken Johnson and Brian’s own son Alan, the irresistible, head banging power of wild songs like ‘Hell To Pay’ still breaks me out into a frenzy with my skull hammered from Matt Graham’s explosive drum work!!!! Added to the original track list are two bonus tracks, ‘Too Wild To Tame’ which should have made it onto the LP back in 1985 but for time restrictions of vinyl then would not fit – not sure why as it’s again another hugely catchy track – but was later covered by Avenger and ‘Jealous Love’, an acoustic has never been released before though was written at the time. With guest twin guitar appearances by Satan’s Russ Tippins and Steve Ramsay on ‘Pull The Trigger’, which Ross originally recorded with Satan and new artwork by South American artist Ivan Chacon fronting a new 12 page booklet full of sleeve notes by Brian Ross, lyrics and new photos from past and present, this 30th Anniversary package is the perfect release ahead of the band’s six nation South America tour starting in November. Beyond that this cult album has once again been given the light of day thanks to the power of the Blitzkrieg!!

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