SHRAPNEL STORM signs with Great Dane Records

The french label Great Dane records announces the signing of SHRAPNEL STORM, a Finnish old-school Death Metal group in the tradition of Bolt Thrower, Hail Of Bullets, Memoriam.

The new album will be released in 2020. An extract entitled “Forsaken Pride” is already available.

Shrapnel Storm is a death metal band, formed in Tampere, Finland at 2007. Heavy riffs, catching choruses and groovy nature of songs describe the music best. In the music you can hear echoes of 90´s midtempo DM names like Obituary, Bolt Thrower and Six Feet Under, just to name few influences. Shrapnel Storm is a counter-strike for current hypercharged, autotuned, like-metal-noise pollution. Genuinity, originality and respect for traditions drive our music. We are heavy, we are dirty and we like to play it live.
We are Shrapnel Storm.

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